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The Legal CyberSecurity Backup Solutions

The Overriding Need for Security for EVERY Lawyer and Office

We provide the data security you need by:

  1. Providing off-site backup solutions sized and configured to meet the needs of our clients. Not a one size fits all offering.
  2. Providing continuity solutions that keep businesses running even when the hardware fails or is corrupted. Response times and recovery can be in as little as 5 minutes. Not many IT providers can provide that.
  3. Providing file/folder recovery and backup for the occasional over right of a critical brief or presentation.
  4. Providing peace of mind that your data is protected and accessible.

We can provide backup solutions as part of a larger security upgrade or by themselves. Backup options include direct off-site backup or on premises hardware along with off-site backup. 

We provide Enterprise-class backup and data security for small offices or big offices. No longer do you need to have multi-million dollars in billables every quarter to have Enterprise-class backup. We can provide this because as an MSP, we partner with providers who work with us in the channel to deliver solutions affordably to any size of business. Don’t get us wrong if you grow, we can grow and scale with you to provide the solution you need now and into the future.

Legal CyberSecurity Backup Options 

Each company is unique. In consultation we will look at what is the most effective and cost effective for each person we work with.

Datto Siris Backup Device – Provides the most robust backup possible. On-site device continously backups the entire server or workstation. Recovery of a down server can be in as little as 3 minutes. Allows techs to do bare-metal restores of corrupted or damaged servers. Devices are sized according to the data needing to be backed up.

Datto Workplace – Workplace is your collaboration and file sync you have always wanted but could never afford. For a fixed VERY low fee we are able to provide a very robust file sync and share service to our customers.

Datto File Protect – Provides a powerful and simple file folder backup for any windows based device. Get the off-site backup of your important data and never lose a file again.

More info on all of these can be found at our sister and partners website at

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