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The Legal CyberSecurity Better Discovery Method

The Need for a Better Way to Handle Discovery

In the past discovery was handled by:

  1. Photocopying everything and delivering it via a delivery service.
  2. Delivering boxes and boxes of paperwork.
  3. Providing space for opposing counsel to visit and look over everything.
  4. Emailing massive numbers of documents to opposing counsel.
  5. Giving opposing counsel access to your online file repository. 

Every one of those while effective took time, sometimes great expense, compromised security or otherwise was a hassle.

Introducing a better way to do discovery!

At Legal CyberSecurity we use Datto Workplace ourselves to collaborate and share information. With our workplace option you can easily with a simple check box and adding a password provide opposing counsel a place to upload documents to you. Share documents with opposing counsel while maintaining top level security. Our solution tracks changes and updates so you can know if a document was replaced or changed! You can limit access to only what they need. 

On top of all of that access is free for the opposing council. Other solutions require you to purchase additional licenses to allow for access. Management is a bear and upkeep time consuming. Not so with our workplace solution.

No longer do you need to have multi-million dollars in billables every quarter to have a discovery solution that works. We can provide this because as an MSP, we partner with providers who work with us in the channel to deliver solutions affordably to any size of business. Don’t get us wrong if you grow, we can grow and scale with you to provide the solution you need now and into the future.

Need a Better Way to do Discovery, Contact us for a free customized evaluation?


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