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What is CyberSecurity and Why do I need it so much?

Welcome to a new generation and the growing need for computer security. 

Not a week goes by without reports of more breaches of company and customer/client/patient data. The tools available now can and should prevent most of these yet few have them deployed.

Protect yourself, your clients, and your data from hackers, scammers, and other illegal activity by partnering with us. As a full service MSP (Managed Service Provider), we protect our clients from those seeking to steal sensitive information and abuse the data you are required to protect.

In addition, get the tools you need to make your life easier and safer so you can get on with your core functions: Providing help to clients and customers.

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“Backup Computing is good to work with. I'm busy running my business so it's nice to have an IT guy who is on my team and watching for threats on the back end. Recently had a hard drive fail (blue screen) and I'm thankful I invested in backing up my files as I was up and going again in a day thanks to Backup Computing.”

Jim Lee, Hometown Values Savings Magazine, 2021

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